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Over one thousand boards carefully crafted by hand with love and dedication, while paying respect to nature and using mainly balsa wood which we grow and harvest ourself.
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Sustainable We grow our own Balsa forest nearby on our plantage in Montañita to guarantee our customers products with a background of regrowing resources and mindful working ethics.

Handmade Every Surfboard is handmade and formed with attention and care by Rasty and the team in our own workshop, which allows us to easily implement desired trades and characterizations.

Adjusted We make sure your surfboard is absolutely adapted to you. In this process we measure your height and level of experience to trail the board exactly to your individual and personal needs.

Peculiar With designs by Rasty and other artists the board gets its individual touch. Paintings and materials like metals, stones, shells and wood can be engraved and used for the special look of your surfboard.

Experience With more than 1000 surfboards in the last 20 years we unite all our knowledge and skills into the final product and make sure you finally get the surfboard of your dreams!

Real quality Balsa and the special lamination make the product more solid and reliable then average surfboards out of foam. You will not end up on a heavy wave breaking the board – balsa is for lifetime!

The Plantage

The balsa house surfboards are made out of balsa wood. We made our dream of self sustainable ecology true and builded our own balsa Plantage, which is located close to Montanita. The Balsa tree is a indigenous, tropical tree, which grows nearby rivers in Ecuador. Balsa wood is a tough kind of wood but still incredible light.

Besides supporting work with renewable resources you can become a part of the creation of your very own surfboard. From planting the seed, which grows into a tree to finally surfing it as a board in the ocean. A dream for most of us surfers who want to become one with sea and nature.

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Cesar 'Rasty' Moreira

The shaper, soul surfer and artist Cesar Rasty Moreira is passionate about his woodworking and has been working with Balsa from the beginning. While surfing with balsa wood for the most time of his life and in several international contests for about fiveteen years, he combined his passion and expertise and became a master craftsmen in his field.

To make a surfboard of Balsa it takes about fiveteen days of work, patience and concentration, not to mention the talent! It is a living element shaped to a beautiful form. These surfboards are not synthetic, they are full of natural heart and soul.

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